Welcome to Random Encounters TCG!

Thanks to some lovely people known as sammythyst#8559 and @amushrow#4405, we have an official website up and running that describes the rules, regulations, and many many more things that are on the website all about the Random Encounters Trading Card Game! Explore the depths of the cards with our cards sections, imagine yourself a perfect deck, and look for the rules, and potentially updates all the time! The RE cast makes the cards constantly changing, and it's thanks to them we have some really cool ideas for the game. If you have any questions about how its played, or what you need to play, please contact @Tsarelli#7854 and she can provide some explanations! Check the FAQ for frequently asked questions about the TCG, how to get some, and more!

And an extra special thank you to Random Encounters for creating these amazing cards and allowing us to create this special collection for all to enjoy!