Frequenly Asked Questions

Question: How do you get ahold of cards to begin with? Do they have a way to purchase them?

Answer: While it's really not purchasable in the general means, we have Patron rewards that send them to the Patron encounterers, even if it is a rather slow and tedious way to get them. Unfortunately, since they are technically properties of other companies, there is no real way to sell them legally, greatly limiting their circulation. However, sometimes conventions do have cards at them, so make sure to stop by Random Encounters' booth!

Question: My card says "Leave and never come back". How can I possibly follow that?

Answer: The key to playing this game is by obeying as much of a card as you can, while still making it reasonable. Something like "Leave and never come back" can be interpreted as an instant loss, but nothing more. Something such as "Make everyone dinner" could be reasonably completed by serving buttered toast to everyone. It's about making the game fun and chaotic, without being impossible to play.

Question: How do I submit cards if I have one not on this website?

Answer: Scan it in through a printer and send a message to @Tsarelli#7854 @amushrow#4405 or sammythyst#8559 with the file attatched and we will add it to the collection. Additionally, if you do not have a printer, you can download the phone app "CamScanner", take a picture with the app, and edit it so it looks like it's been scanned.

Question: What is the minimum amount of unique cards required to make a deck?

Answer: You need 14 unique cards, since each individual card can have 2 duplicates per deck. This prevents overpowered cards from being overused, but still allows people to be able to play with less cards.

Question: What's the difference between removed from play and graveyard?

Answer: Most cards, from ruined to discard, would send cards directly to the graveyard. The graveyard is reshuffled into your deck every time you run out of cards. Specific cards remove others from play, and would not reappear in the game. Use discretion, as you shouldn't remove a lot from play.