(Unofficial) RE Trading Card Game Rules*:

*These rules are fan researched based on what is currently known about the RE Trading Cards and the logic of how other trading card games work.
Author's note: "(These are) the rules for everything I know now, and probably will be the final set of rules, unless cards are made specifically to disrupt these rules."

In the event the rules are modified, updates will be logged below:
September 2020 - Original rules written

Starting HP: 300
Max HP: 300
Game Ends: When all players except 1 hit 0 HP, and/or run out of playable cards (all cards are destroyed)
Hand Size: 6 - 40
Deck Size: 40, 2 duplicates per card allowed
If you run out of cards, recycle your Graveyard pile into your deck.


Each player draws 6 cards, and they roll a D20. The person who rolls the highest number goes first.


7 cards on the field at a time per player.
Effect cards don't increase the number of spots filled if attached to a card.
Removed from game pile, and Graveyard pile.

Turn Breakdown:

Phase 1:

- Draw cards until your hand is 6 cards. If you have more than 6, draw one card.
- Select up to (1) of your opponent's cards that attacked last turn, and send them to the recycle pile.
- Select up to (2) of your cards on your side and you may put them in your Graveyard. Any attachments return to the owner's Graveyard.
- Reset all your cards which attacked last turn.
- Play up to (2) DRAW/DISCARD cards.

Phase 2:

- Play up to (3) cards from your hand. Trigger their effect as soon as they are played.
- Play up to (1) HEAL card.
- Play up to (1) BLOCK card.
- Choose up to (2) cards from your side that were not played this turn to attack. Flip them sideways and roll the number on the card.
- If you play a card that has exclusively an effect, it counts as a space on your field until removed on one of your turns.
- If your card attacks and has a condition, repeat the condition.

Phase 2 (Counter):

- If your opponent plays a card that you have a direct counter, you have the option to play that card before the effect takes place.
- You must play this before the effect takes place, or your effect will be nullified.

Phase 3:

- Any special conditions of cards are met during this phase, such as running away, or cooking a meal.
- Game is halted until this phase is finished. Any overly complex or impossible to fulfill requests will be agreed on for what should happen, such as leaving forever meaning you leave the room and lose.
- Control switches over to the other player. They begin Phase 1.

Types of Cards:

BLOCK Cards:

- These attach to a certain card and do not leave until the base card is discarded.
- The conditions of this MUST be met before anything else in the game happens.
- You may play 1 BLOCK card every turn.


- Played before you play any other cards that turn.
- Does not count for playing cards amount, you may play up to 2 DRAW or DISCARD (sharing an amount used).
- Cannot be played after you play another card that isn't DRAW or DISCARD until your next turn.

HEAL Cards:

- Must be played during your turn.
- Does not count as a regular card played, but you may only play one per turn.
- After use, goes directly to discard pile.


- Can be played during other turns.
- The conditions must be met first before the original card's effects play out.
- Discarded after the effects take place.
- May only play 2 per enemy turn.